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AOpen AX3S overclocking...

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Mar 28, 2003
I've got an AOpen AX3S with a Celeron 700 in it that is currently running at 840MHz with a 80MHz front side bus and the factory multiplier (of coarse), 10.5x. Now, I've seen that people have gotten this CPU up to 1050 as the most common OC speed. I've upgraded my RAM so that all of it is PC133 and STILL nothing. the fastest I can get it at is 80MHz.

In the AX3S's BIOS, under frequency/voltage control or something, you change those settings. But when I got to select the voltage setting, it says that the voltage feature is only available for the AX3S Pro. So is it my CPU, mobo, RAM, or something else I haven't tried yet? Changing the FSB to 100 with the mobo jumpers doesn't help either. I'm very dissapointed in this mobo. :(

My celly 700 never got past 80Mhz either. But it could also be the motherboard that's limiting you. Not being able to control the voltage is probably what's holding you back. Most likely the celly needs a little bump in the Vcore to get it to go at a higher FSB.