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Aopen AX3S Pro overclocking alternatives

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May 25, 2002
Puerto Rico
I have an Aopen AX3S Pro mobo with a pentium3 700 mhz CPU ...I originally bought this board because of it's highly rated overclocking abilities which i have not yet taken advantage of .... I've had this board and CPU for just over 2 years and I think I'm ready to see what she can do. I am a newbie to O/C and I have a few options with this board as far as CPU selection but I need help determinig which is the best option for me. I have reviewed the CPU table and this is what I've found according to my Aopen AX3S pro motherboard.

Pentium3 700mhz
7036a202 1008 1.85 SL4CH philippines 3 Aopen AX3S Pro FOP32-i Cooler Samsung PC133 256MB Riva TNT2 M64 32MB Very Safety Prime95 TEST Accepted Idle : 15c Full lord : 27c 3087

Celeron2 1.1 GHZ
Q132A502 1331 1.85 SL5XR Malaysia 34 Aopen AX3S Global Win Fop32 5395

Pentium 3 1GHZ

judging by these descriptions so far the best alternative for me to achieve maximum speed with this board is to use the celeron2 1.1GHZ and O/C to 1.3 GHZ. Note that these result were with an aopen AX3S, I have the PRO version of this board so I'm not sure if I can achieve better results. The CPU table did not show results for my board with a pentium3 1 GHZ CPU. I'm not sure if the pentium3 1GHZ is better for overclocking than the celeron2 1.1 this is what i need help determining. should i go celeron2 or pentium3? I can also keep my current setup and and bring my pentium3 700mhz up to just over 1GHZ but i want to max this board out and achieve the fastest speed I can safely...please advise.

Thanks in advance

I do not think you are on the right path.

You have mentioned nothing about fsb.

The PIII 700, does it run 7x100 ?

The celeron 1.1G is probably a non-tualatin ?, and further all models are for fsb 100.

Both are multiplier locked as all from Intel. So you have a 7x and a 11x, the PIII has a 2nd level cache that is twice as big as that of the celeron.

It is much better to run fsb 133, since ram performance is much better.

It is very likely that your PIII700 will run 7x133=933, and at fsb 143 it runs 1G. Maybe you have to raise cpu voltage by 0.1-0.2 volt more.
That would be faster than the celeron !

The celeron on the other hand has a too large multiplier to run 11x133. I have run the 900 and the 950 version at fsb 133 and at 1.85 volt, - they have been extremely good. But I am now using a tualatin celeron, and have sold the old ones.

Look at http://www.overclockers.com and the cpu database.

Absolutely maximum for the 1.1G celeron is 11x124, but I believe that 11x110 is the real praxis.

best regards