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Apple's A10 Fusion ARM CPU outperforms Xeon E5-2697 in single-threaded benchmark

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Folding/SETI/Rosetta Team Member
Oct 20, 2005

As the Twitter post referenced in the article states, take it with a grain of salt, but I found this interesting that an ARM processor outperformed a workstation-class Intel processor in single-threaded performance. It's just one benchmark, but still I find it surprising. I'll be interested in seeing more as the iPhone 7 gets into people's hands because this seems hard to believe. But if its true and shows across other benchmarks as well then perhaps Apple will dump Intel for its own ARM chips in the Mac line, or just merge iOS and macOS into one platform like everyone has been expecting for years.
Well, ARM is making big strides and improving way faster than X86... Starting to overtake it in some cases. It makes sense that if ARM keeps getting better like this we'll all be using it in the next few years.
ARM is only faster in single threaded benchmarks. Their pipeline architecture is built around processing each execution within 1 clk cycle. Its much faster than x86 pipelines in terms of single threading.