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Approaching Overclocking Pentium M's, Worried About which chip to use

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Jun 5, 2021
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I've never really gotten into overclocking, so this is a bit of a new one for me. I recently bought my laptop I had in middle school for fun, it was 20 bucks why not, turns out the motherbuffer is like the coolest laptop to mod possible. The heatsink is ALL copper so you can you like any cpu, the chipset has an 800mhz FSB max, like, this thing kicks butt. Its a Dell Inspiron B130, though I had a 120 back in the day. I couldn't FIND a 120, so I got this as an "oh well" lol.

However, I have a Pentium M 760. Every guide I see says about the slower chips, the 725's and such. I can't say I exactly want something that slow to OC to just barely over my stock cpu speed, and my chipset can go fast enough... Am I going to blow anything up by pinmodding this?

I found a picture of the board on an ebay listing, I think I'm gunna buy a few boards for future replacement.


What do ya'll think? I'm working on a project wherein I put an SBC in either the HDD bay or the CD drive bay, connect the two systems somehow, and make some magic happen. I was thinking steam inhome streaming on an in-system intranet and dremelling out a little hole or two to fit a thin ethernet cable into the laptop case for game stream, and then a telephone cable to do like telnet management if possible later on. FTM I'd just set up VNC, and as the laptop has a gigabit NIC I don't think I'd have problems running newer apps in a "seamless mode" over a VNC client.

I just really don't wanna blow anything up you know?
90nm Dothan core, eh? Should be fun to tinker with.

I don't know about pin modding, but assuming it's a locked multiplier, you'll be limited to bumping the FSB and voltage if that's available. Keep in mind to keep the ram within specs and reason.

For that little money, you don't have a lot to lose, so if you need to pin mod, do some homework and have some fun.
Is that why the clock isn't changing? ****. How do I see if the mult is locked?

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Is that why the clock isn't changing? ****. How do I see if the mult is locked?