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APU iGPU video acceleration capable player

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Dec 13, 2005
So I may be getting a little ahead of myself here, I haven't even broken the thing out of storage to see if still works so this may be for nothing.

I've got a little ZOTAC e450 based desktop PC that I've used as an HTPC back in college, and over the weekend I'll probably revive it for use in the bedroom. It should have a really outdated copy of Win7 on it that ran...Ok. I'll probably toss Mint on it over Win10.

It'll be mainly used to play 1080p H.265 based .MKV files.

The issue being when I used it last, it needed a player with hardware acceleration to play anything above 720, and even needed it for 720 in some cases. IIRC *nix driver support for some of the APUs was hit or miss at the time. I grabbed this thing right after they launched the E-line which is why I didn't toss Mint on it earlier.

The reason for this thread is

-I just want to confirm AMD finally decided to let the older APUs play nice with *nix


-Is there a recommended Linux media player with video acceleration support? Unless VLC finally had it added in.
I use smplayer in windows and linux. Don't know about the gpu support but it does work flawlessly on my hardware (amd R7) pretty much oob stock settings. I don't have any 4K content, nor do I want any. All my screens are 1080 which looks excellent at high encode settings (cce 6pass). 4K would be good though for a nice ptz camera.
SMPlayer uses the first available hardware decoder on auto or will use just software and has cuda settings. Smplayer uses mpv btw.
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Sorry, just saw your response.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot. After I posted this I dug it out, and after a few nerve racking minutes of power cycling it with no display, I was able to get in and install Mint. Seems like AMD did put out an actual driver for it, so hopefully sometime this week I'll get a chance to play around some more.