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Aquastealth on a tbird 1.2.....too hot?

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Jul 26, 2001
Hey I just got my "AquaStealth II" kit (http://becooling.safeshopper.com/3/2.htm?830) all setup and running on my tbird 1.2gig.

It was quite easy to setup and is very nice and quiet (main reason I went water actually). It idles at around 33-35 C and maxes at out at 40-42 C. Do you think this is acceptable? I used artic silver II.....

I also had trouble getting the damned air bubbles out of the system! The water flows fine but there are lots of those tiny little bubbles which make the tubing appear white. I assume these are not helping performance! How do you get rid of them?!

Thanks for the help, either way I have no complaints, pc is damn near silent now thankgod, and cool :)
Those temps are good. If you used a reservoir then the bubbles will work themselves out of the system over the next couple of days.
Those temps are great. Its funny how people expect to get these amazingly low temps with normal watercooling and an athlon. Most of the temps you see at review sites are done with durons or celerons which are 3 times cooler than a hot athlon. It has been proven that plain watercooling will only yeild the same temps that a good hsf wood offer. If you want to cool an athlon to the extreme it would require a high end peltier or on some athlons say 1.4ghz or higher 2 peltiers. Your aquastealth 2 kit is decent but there is better. If you dont want to use a pelt than i recomend you get a maze 2 waterblock and a stronger pump about 300GPH and a 120mm fan blowing over you cpu area. This will give you some improved temps but dont expect much more.
Lots of questions....

I am using a Panaflo 120mm L1 instead of the M1 that the kit came with. It puts out 68.9cfm instead of the M1's 86.5. I dont know how large of a difference this would make but I am happy with the current temps and low noise level.

Take a look at http://www.patbert.com/me/waterpc.asp and look at the images. I have the radiator mounted behind the fan. Is it better to have it mounted infront of the fan? So its between the fan and case?

I also used 2oz of "Purple Ice radiator super coolant." Is this stuff any good? How well does it protect against corrosion? I filled the system with regular tap water. Is filtered/bottled water any better? Is there anything else I need to treat the water with?

AMDGuy said that the water bubbles should work their way out of the hoses in a few days. I assume its ok to leave the pump running 24/7? The pumps in these systems are basically what are used in Fish Tanks etc are they not?

Last question, I have the water block mounted so both the intake and output are on the bottom. Is there a better orientation? Does it really matter?!

Thanks again for all your help and answers, I am going to sit here a little while longer and enjoy the silence :)
Here's my warning about the becooling block:

I don't know which block you got, but be VERY careful when attaching something as heavy as a copper waterblock to the socket lugs. I couldn't tell how tight they should be and consequently burned up 2 tbirds in my learning process. I went out and bought the dangerden waterblock and used the rest of the aquastealth kit with great results and a MUCH safer waterblock.

Just my opinion, but wanted to warn you before something bad might happen.
Yes I agree their clip is far from perfect. I actually didnt see how it was going to hold it in place at all without massive amounts of unneeded pressure.

But now that I have used it its actually not that bad so far, holds the block on very snuggly and is easy to install/remove. I have a cpu spacer so maybe that helped. I still have nightmares about the clip on my FOP32 :-(

With any clip you have to be very careful when putting that kind of pressure on those fragile cpus.