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Arctic Silver 2 vs 3

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Aug 8, 2002
Toronto, baconville
Whats the diff, if any, between these two products? Right now i am using the default stuff that came with my volcano 7+, but i think it sucks so im going to try some AS2. Will i notice a temp drop at all?
Lastly, can AS2/3 be used for video GPU's as well?
yes, you will see a temp drop. Due to the composition of AS2/3 and the amount of silver, it will conduct heat a lot better than the thermal paste that came with your HSF.

AS3 is better than 2 however, it has a tendency to settle poorly if you have a high rpm fan. It takes a full 72 hours to settle completely. I've found that AS3 is a lot easier to spread/control than 2 as well.

And yes, it can be used for GPUs as well.

thanks alot guys. I only got as2 because it was going for .99$ on ebay :D, otherwise i would have gone with the newer stuff. Hopefully i will see some decent temperature drop, thats all im asking for.
No problem. :) That's a pretty good deal! :D Honestly, I think the temp difference between AS2 and AS3 is only like .5c-2c, but every degree counts when OCing. :D
Once you've got your rig going, make sure to run it at full load for about 72 hours so the compound can settle completely. I generally accomplish this by folding ;)