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Arctic Silver, is it worth it?

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Dec 21, 2000
Adelaide, AU
Hi there, just a quicke to ask everyones opinion as to whether I should use arctic silver or not. My current stats are 33-34 C Idle and 43 C under Load (Seti etc..) Can I expect decent gains by using Arctic Silver? and is it safe to use with FCPGA Pentiums?

Thanks a lot for your ideas, Andy
in a word .... yes!

the hotter the chip runs the more gains your going to see ... at your temp your probably not going to see a major difference unless you are not using any paste whatsoever .... in the 4 amd systems and the one celery stick system i have used it on i have seen about 4 degree C difference over ones with prior paste ... and 10 and 9 degrees difference in the two AMDK2's that weren't using any paste

as far as it being safe ... i have haven't experienced any problems in that department even when i put way too much on (no shorts etc.)

'do or do not there is no try' *yoda*
Hmm, doesn't the review on Arctic Silver on overclockers.com say it's not conductive? My only complaint is regarding the dispenser.. Just look at it this way, it costs what, $15 for a thing of it, you can do a few cpu's with that, it gives you gains with no extra noise.. I say go for it..

And dont be discouraged by the size of that syringe they give it in. That little amount will allow you to apply plenty of grease to about 50-80 processors/ video cards/ etc... I have gone through many motherboards, video cards, and cooling solutions, everytime I switch video cards, i have to swap out my custom video card cooler I made from unused heatsinks and fans, each time i do so, i have to re-apply the arctic silver compound. Also, I've gone through maybe 5 motherboards in the last 3 months, and each time i switch motherboards, i gotta re-apply the arctic silver to my cpu. Also, i use a peltier and cold plate, so i apply the compound to the heatsink, the coldplate, the peltier, and the cpu everytime I swap motherboards since I have a flip chip, and the heatsink has to come off to take out the cpu. Anyways, after 30 or so applications of the arctic silver, I still haven't even put a dent in the total amount that is still in that little syringe.
Pineapple (Jan 12, 2001 06:31 a.m.):
Cheezwiz (Jan 11, 2001 10:55 p.m.):
Where can I buy this stuff for a decent price and close to St. Louis, MO?

I also got my peltier kit and electric grade silicone from millisec, and i am very satisfied with the service.

I am thinking about getting peltier for my p3-800E FCPGA and since you mentioned you are using one, I just wonder if you can tell me the temperature difference you gain out of it and what peltier kit you bought from milisec.com. What kit will work with GlobalWin FOP38 fan? Thanks
Tim- (Jan 10, 2001 06:44 p.m.):
Actually it is conductive-

Ok, it is conductive but only under extreme pressures, (which isn't going to happen in a normal pc)