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Arctic Silver Nightmare!

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Jun 11, 2001
I put that stuff on my CPU and I guess I overestimated how much to use. That stuff hard to get off. I got most of it off but now my Athlon has a tarnished gray look to it. Does anyone know if alcohol is safe to get it off? (not for me) I heard to use nailpolish remover but I am afraid of what it might do to my CPU. Help! What do I do?
rubbing alcohol (isoprocly or something), razor blade, and a LINT free cloth
be careful not to scratch it though, its only realy important to get the core very very clean, everything else doesnt need to get extrememly clean, but get all the chunks and stuff off
your processor might be slightly discolored and sticky after you clean it (not the core)
The title of your post is missleading and not fair to the folks at Arctic Silver. Read the instructions here. So you don't actually have to take the time to read the instructions, dishwashing liquid (Dawn, etc.) and water will clean your chip. Make sure you let the chip dry before you put it back in the motherboard.
BTW, rubbing alcohol will not remove Arctic Silver from the ceramic plate the CPU die is mounted on. Read the instructions.
well I used some stuff that I use for work. It's belt cleaner called COOPER's. That stuff will take chicken "poop" off a doorknob. After that I made sure that I hit it with some rubbing Alch.

Clean on

I used rubbing alcohol to get it off of the ceramic and just about all of it came off.
Good ole Gumout Carburetor cleaner gets it odd the ceramic. Finish up with anhydrous alcohol. Both are readily available.

Heh.. its funny all the different responses to a question like this. However .. I will give you the best method :

**drum roll**

A clean eraser from a pencil. Just scrub vigorously. You will likely lock your processor again (assuming you used a pencil to unlock it) .. but.. you'll just have to repeat your process. I have cleaned MUCH Arctic Silver from the tops of procs with this method. I am very sloppy.. heh