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Are artifacts between loading screens mean too much OC?

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Aug 20, 2002
Well I got a AIW 7500 clocked at 295/480, but I see two small artifacts, maybe each the size of a comma, only between loading screens. They show up when windows loads and the screen is blank cept for the mouse and those two artifacts. Also, when I load a game, and the screen gets blank. Anything else (3DMark, the game itself), and there is no sign of the artifacts. Does this mean I'm pushing the card too much? Or am I ok and I'm right at the limit?
I would back off a bit.I wouldnt get any in 3DMark or UT2003.But when I played Age Of Mythology I would get a few artifacts on the ground.Backing down 5mhz on the gpu solved that.
Did it down to 280, but I still get it. Do you think it's the memory?
Possibly I would try backing the mem down and leave the gpu were you have it at too.If that fixes it I would take the gpu back up to were you had it.