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Are my bechmarks any good???

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Feb 5, 2002
Iam running at CL2 on my samsung 256 pc2100

i used SiSandra to benchmark the memory bandwidth

Ram int buffered is 2161mb
ram Float is 2104mb

is this any good? if not what kind of scores are you guys getting???
yeah i know there higher i want to know if there good

for what i have and how much my system in oced
I just noticed your sig says 172 FSB. In that case, I'd say the memory scores are a little low. I was thinking you were running at 133 FSB. My bad. :(
thats a pretty good score considering i am using rdram which is supposed to be twice as fast and i getting a score of less than 3000 so i'd say ur golden.
oh i think i am going to add another stick my board is rated at 4.5 g/sec at 1.5 of memory
I'd vote for 'really low'. My scores at 152 FSB (The highest I've managed to reach) with slowest mem timings (otherwise it doesn't boot into Windows) is 2269-2272, give or take. I don't remember the float marks.

At stock FSB and fastest timings, where I am all day, they're at about 2039-2042. Again, don't remember the float. I use Samsung PC2100 too, at stock voltage.

Actually your scores should go down further with more memory. Check your RAM timings in BIOS, and tweak them up.

i am at 1610
until i kick my fsb upto 172 then i get 2115 and around there that as 505 of mb of differacne

thats not good??
at max my board will transfer 4.5g

Your scores are pretty low. I found that nVidia chipset, and AMD chipset don't give high memory scores as the KT266a.

My AMD Morgam @ 1282 171fsb only had about 2100/1950, and this new board got around 2400 and 2200 I believe. If you can get someone with your board to bench as well it'd be great.