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are my components supposed to get this hot?

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Mar 19, 2001
still waiting for hd (final piece) to come in mail, so i decided last night to turn on my comp and check air flow, temps, etc. anyway, i was in the bios for about 3 min fixed some stuff then went to the onboard thermal sensor (i have the a7v133 by the way). it said the cpu was running at 36 c? how? its not even doing anything. wait, it gets worse, it steadily rises up to 43.5! wtf? stays there doesnt change. i think the temp sensor must be faulty. i have the vantec hsf with what some call "the easy clip".i touched the heatsink and it wasn't even all that warm, plus i've got a delta 60 mm 38cfm right next to it on the case and thats the same fan the comes on the vantec--i know there is plenty of cool air going on the heat sink. alright, heres what worries me more, my asus 7700 geforce 2 gts card. it was hot as a mofo! i've got the blue orb on it, its hot, the heatsink felt hot, and the back of the card right underneath the gpu was so hot i couldnt hold my finger there for longer then 5 sec! the sgram on the geforce 2 was hot, not warm, hot. my 256 meg stick of ram was even hotter! wtf!?!? even my sound card was really hot, and its not even being used! what the hell?!? help me
I get the same problem with CPU temps. It seems maybe the Asus sensors are bad? I use a Super Orb and Artic Silver on my CPU, and I have a Case Fan. I don't know about my Video Card, I never checked that. But I'm thinking what you're thinking, the A7v133 sensors are f'ed up. In Win2k I get a steady temp of 132 F CPU just idling...
Update: Just checked all my components inside my comp, and it all seems cool. My Voodoo3 is really hot though, so is my HDD, but my RAM and everything else is fine.
LOL...Asus boards and accurate temp readings don't mix.

2 Bios flashed + 5 Temp programs = Still no idea what my cpu temps are.

It's a CUSL2 by the way which are notorious for not giving the right temp. I have an alpha pep66 and artic silver so I am not really worried though. It says 50C under full load but I have good case cooling so I think that it is probably off by a bit (which I have heard from others as well).
well not sure about your cpu temps, you can get external probes to measure temps and get an accurate readings. The readings aren't great anyways since you are measuring the temps on the bottom of the cpu. not sure about the other stuff, but maybe it is doing something weird like pumping weird voltages or something. I have not heard of this, of course you can go crazy and get heatsinks for everything.
ASUS Probe is known to be innacurate, It is said to report temps as much as 10C higher than actual.
The temps go up high in bios because there is no HLT command being run on them. I have a KT7A-Raid, windows=24'C bios=41'C. I have seen it on all 3 of my comps.

What is your power supply, a bad or under-powered PSU could possible cause other components to heat up more than usual.
After making sure your PSU is correct and not under powered as mentioned in the above post I would take that MB back and get another one if its new enough to return. It seems to me if you run it like it is you may ruin your VC and SC and who know's what else sounds like a bad MB if its not your PSU
As I said in my earlier post, and has been reported all over these pages, the ASUS Probe is not accurate, sometimes reporting as much as 10C higher than actual. On A7V's and A7V133's, I've had DURON 600's at default and overclocked to more than 1.1g and have seen reported temps not much lower than 50C, and as high as the 59C and more. I've used Global Win FOP 32's, FOP38's and WBK 38's with the WBK showing the best results.

The readings shown by the various programs can report a wide range of temps, I've taken the same processor from an ASUS A7V133 reading 55C with a lapped WBK38, and put it on an FIC AD11 with a new, out of the box WBK38 and the temps read 40C. The biggest variable being the motherboard.

i've been running it for a while now and nothing horrible has happend. i do get some strange lock ups for no apparent reason whatso ever. at first i thought that the mb may be bad, but is there really any way to be check to make sure? one of my friends came over and checked out everything and said the temps are about right, as in they are slightly above what they should be. i played star trek elite force (uses q3 engine doesnt it?) for 3 hours straight and then went on to play misc. other games for another 4 hours. nothing really happend, but like i said earlier, strange lockups. not during the most graphically intensive part of the game but rather in the control settings menu. the asus probe reports my cpu temp at 48c when i shut down for the night, after being on for 6-8 hours non stop.
After reading this string, I'm in deep ponder mode. What is the defacto standard for temperature monitoring? It doesn't really seem like there is one. Both of my Soyo boards have an onboard monitor that seems to work well.

My 133a chipset has the "VIA Hardware Monitor" Is that based on a hardware chip?

My BX board has a "Winbond" chip that seems to work well w/ MBM 4.