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Are old Accelero revisions still better than GPU manufacturer's solutions?

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Nov 14, 2006
I have this, and I have this.

I'm pretty confident that this venerable ancient heatsink combined with two strong 12/14 cm can't be terribad, even on a 280X, if it was good enough for HD4850, and that was a notorious overheater. I was able to prevent it from overheating with the use of a single silent 12 cm fan always running at the same speed. Still, the HD4850 had one 6-pin plug, whereas the 280X is 6+8, despite similar wattage. The Accelero is larger and has twice more pipes, but the fins on the Sapphire heatsink are more densely packed, and the metal is more solid. Accelero probably still has more dissipation surface, but this isn't easy to tell, to my eye at least. Sapphire's heastink is newer tech, but it's still old, because 280X is old and Dual-X (the heatsink) is older than that, whereas Accelero was still a hot item in 2010, so perhaps tech difference isn't significant. don't know.

As I'd rather not remove a relatively decent manufacturer solution just to have to remount it after days of fiddling with something else if it could be avoided, I thought I'd ask here first.

Alternative: Keep Sapphire heatsink, replace fans, add rubber pads for vibration dampening.