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Are Onboard Temp programs good to go by

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Apr 8, 2002
Ok i have a P3 933MHz and At Stock temp it runs about 178 ferenhite. AT least that is what the onboard Temp So i have it Underclocked to 805 and it was only running 2 degrees cooler so what is the problem is the processor running to hot or is the onboard Temp gague Wack. Pleas help me thank you.
try hardare monitor, Motherboard monitor, or Sandra to check your temps. I use hardware monitor, you can get it on cnet downloads just do a search for it, and I love it. It is accurate and easy to use.
yeah, I didnt see the temp earlier, but that is extremely high..... You may want to check the heatsink. Reatach it, make sure you use some artic silver. And you may want to lap it before you put it back on there. If that doesnt work get a new heatsink and fan.... Btw, what kind of heatsink is it?

But like I said, do something cause thats really high.