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Are there any hard drive watercooling solutions???

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Mar 22, 2001
reason is because i run 4 drives running RAID 0 which get pretty hot and i would mind eliminating the two 80mm fans cooling the drives (along with most of the other fans in my sys)

sorry if it sounds like a stupid idea, but these drives are the reason i have a loud system to begin with and contribute in high case temps if i don't do alot of air cooling

looking to entirely remod system to all watercooled (cpu, vid, mobo chip, and drives if possible)

right now i have 1 loud 120mm and 5 x 80mm fans put together with 4 hard drives spinning 24/7 gets noisy... it is loud!
sounds like your knowledgeable to rig something up i think most hard drive coolers are mods done by overclockers allthough ive seen a few coolers made for retail but they were air not water
Unless you are running 15000 RPM drives H2O seems like overkill. I have had good results with one filtered 92 mm fan blowing on my HD cage. This worked well with a 4 drive RAID 0,1 setup and a 5th HD. There are a few low noise 120mm Panaflows sitting around here. One of them is begging to take the 92mms place. You might want to try one big, quiet Panaflow blowing fresh air on your drives.
I have 5 drives stacked in my system and use a 92mm fan as well. The drives would get almost too hot to touch till I put the fan on them. Now it's just as cool as can be.

I wouldn't go to that extreme either. Just keep them well ventilated.
Koolance offers the option to water cool the hard drive when you buy their towers, but you probably don't want to have to buy four towers :p.

There was an article off the front page that discussed making a hard drive silencer. The guy clamped the hard drive inbetween two aluminum flats, and put sound dampening materiel between the two. He also noted that the hard drives ran cooler. I'm thinking that if you put a water block on one or both of the plates, you could effectively suck in a lot of the heat those drives generate. If you don't care about the sound, it would probably cool better without the sound dampening material too.
a bunch of places have hard drive coolers that keep your hard drives really cool. The ones with the heatsinks for the hd are the best. but just putting some airflow over them will really help a lot.
thx for all the replies.. i think i will go with one large queit fan to do the job
you could always get a couple old secc waterblocks and sandwich them between the HD's, one uprite and one upsidedown , kinda like a copper sandwich with the drives as the bread!! :)