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are there any programs that...

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The Jet Man!
Feb 25, 2003
extend or "stretch" your display? Here is why i am asking. On my laptop, which is XGA or native resolution of 1024x768, if i try to run a game in 800x600, i will get a black border around the program when its running. So I am looking for a program that could "stretch" the image to fit the panel. This would work on any LCD screens for lappy's or desktop computers. I know the quality will lessen, but at least it will be bigger with out the annoying black borders around it.


Jul 30, 2002
Midland, Ontario
quality would not only "lessin" the game would nto be easy to play since images would be very distorted,

I have not seen a program that can take a game and strech it, but a good google search for Movie editing might find you something


Aug 10, 2003
Kona, Hawaii
you should be able to change this with the hardware. on my laptop i was never able to fix it, but the border was only 1/8 inch, so it didnt bother me. the quality probably wouldnt suffer though.