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Are these temps acceptable for a good O'clock?

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Jul 11, 2001
under load I am at 116f <via ASUS probe. Will this give me enough room to go higher than 1600 on a 1.4 w/ a 12x multiplier? I haven't realy screwed with the FSB much yet?

Also, I just stuck a couple of 256mb DDR sticks in my A7A, It doesn't seem as stable as the 2-512mb, and 1 256mb pc133 I had in before? Does this make sense?
alot of people have stability issues with more than 1 stick of memory and big overclocks...116f is 47c, your reaching the magic number of 50c you want to stay below this, but also if your using the ausu probe you may want to invest in a external temp sensor such as a compunurse, the asus probe has been known to give off reading.

what do you have for cooling?
remember, Asus probe gives temp readings 10C too hot. You are doing very good at 37C then.
I am pretty sure it always gives temps about 7-10C too high. This is a fairly well known fact I believe.
Asus does give false readings, but there are some that dont have any porblems at all...I feel wiliam is about right...I just checked my temp readings there jumping between 51 and 58c generally staying around 54c.....the chip would be dead by now if that was true since this system is on 24/7
most of the asus probe programs give off wrong temps....but some doesnt for some reason

at least thats what i found on intel machines