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Are you cooking the clock generator?

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Jan 11, 2001
I just noticed it is the hottest thing i can find on my mobo and i think i'm gonna go make a heatsink for it.

Who else has done this? Does it give a lot of improvement?
Yes I have a little heat sink on my ICS clock generator. Supposed to help a little with stability at higher speeds. I did several other mods at the same time, so I don't know exactly how much improvement it did by itself.

Funny, the hottest things on my MoBo are the power transistors (110F) and the AC97 audio codec (102F), as measured with a Raytek MT4 noncontact infrared thermometer.
A lot of people on the Cusl2 forum have mentioned this, and some claim it gives better stability, but I haven't seen any "I couldn't do this before, and now I can" stuff specifically posted.

I do know this: I did the finger thing the other day, and that sucker will fry eggs! Mine has a heatsink and some AS epoxy in it's near future.

As with all this kind of thing, it can't hurt, and might help.
Once I made a duct out of a bottle, to cool my clock generator. It made me able to go 115MHz, before I could do 111MHz.
i sinked it.

i sinked it in style, with a 1" cube of my old heatsink. i can't go any faster than before.