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most deaf

Mar 12, 2001
i have a retail celeron heatsink, i have cut it up into 3 bits, the center bit for my northbridge, and the 2 small bits for my ram on my geforce, what i want to know if it is any good at cooling
What you did will help your cooling but not by to much

You'll probally get a few extra Mhz out of the vid card

As for the northbridge, it kinda depends...some chips get hotter than others, some cases have better air flow that others..it all depends..

It wouldnt hurt anything and it will help out but I dont think any ground breaking boosts will be made
by adding heatsinks to your video ram you'll sure be able to squelch some more MHz out of it, concerning the northbridge, it's always ok to cool it down a bit.
The bit you made for the Northbridge should at least be better than the greenie. Some people achieve a few more MHz, but not all. The bits for the vid card should help as well.
All I've read is it's not worth it to cool vid chips. IF you gain anything, it won't even be noticeable. The northbridge should help tho. P1 processor HSF's make nice NB coolers.
as the others have said your VC ram does not get hot so theres really no need for extra cooling, as far as the northbridge i highly recomend it and i hope you left the fan on when you installed it on your northbridge also if you aim the fins so that the airflow from your CPU does not go through the HS that will help as you dont want to use warm air to cool your HS down with. I'm trying to figure a way to duct my northbridge and my video card so that only cool air is being fed to them my only problem is i want to put the ducts straight to my side case cover but man once i do its going to be a pain to open up my side case cover for cleaning so i'm still thinking about this project. ps i do have good case cooling but even so ducting seems to give you a few degrees cooler for some reason.
i am trying to get the warm air from my cpu to blow on it because it is a slot 1 mobo and there is no room at all under the big thermo eninge with a delta, the air from it is quiet cold so it dosn't matter