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*drolls over the avatar while page is loading*


*continues to droll on*

Found the link here i guess this is the one you are talking about
err its asking me for a user name / password *grumble*

do i have to get myself register or something ?

Edit : oh yeah i have to be a registered member, now where do i get registered?
after watching nvidia club i noticed something in the movie, and i would love to post a capture of it, but it seems i cant take a screeny of it. but on the whitboard, for an instant there is a #6, and for the life of me i cant read it... can anyone else?

:added: almost looks like "Message for Uttar"
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yeah i watched the video's too, but what is with that link i found which takes you to this flash based (i think) windows desktop in which you have to login
Wow screw video cards, nvidia should market that rip off of windows... it didnt crash once the whole time i was there.

You'd think for all the effort they put into that video they would have hired a real camera man... this camera man was always sneaking up behind the guy that was talking.

Wow Nvidia is really advanced they have hundreds of "linux CPUs" (direct quote from the guy in the video). Silly me, I always thought Linus was more into the software side of things, guess he expanded his operations.

Move over Seinfeld, Im on a roll... I knew I shouldnt have stayed up all night posting in the song association thread.

Seriously though everyone was complaing about ATi's preview of the 9700 where they at least had the card set up in a computer and let people benchmark it against the GF4 Ti 4600 but only write about how much % faster then the GF4 it was... Now look at Nvidia, trying to build up hype about a card that wont even be on store shelves until sometime next year by showing off their computers and not even showing a picture of the card... or even mentioning it for that matter.

Sorry to any Nvidiots, nothing personal but this is really sad on nvidia's part.
am i ready for what a really crap marketting campaign asking people if "they are ready" in crappy flash for a graphics card that is so late that it's threatening NVIDIA survival in the competition against the ATI? yeah i think i'm ready, ready to wait for the R350 :cool:
Linus Torvalds works for a company that is developing the Crusoe chip. Supposedly runs like a PIII with passive cooling.
alright, alright... I didnt know that but thats not what the nvidia guy was talking about. He said Linux CPUs, as you pointed out the chip linus and transmeta are actually making is the crusoe. The nvidia guy just meant that those machines were running linux but 3 or 4 times he called them linux CPUs (as in "we have 2000 linux CPUs and next month we will be getting 200 more linux CPUs).
I know, i'm just posting useless junk. Heck you know more about it than I do.
This is what happens when a company with more $$ and more market share loses (temporarily) the race for the best product and cant beat it for a few months....

Look at the blue man crap that intel pulled back in after the race for 1ghz was lost (what watching guys with their faces painted blue dance around and play music is going to motivate people to buy CPUs?).