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Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
unfair play annoys me.

was playing a ctf game we were up 7-1 then suddenly about 4 more people joined the other team so they had about a 3 person advantage and nobody would switch.

needless to say we lost the match 8-7 since they could afford to send about 6 people for our flag and leave 2 to defend the base.

ctf is so pathetic anyways. i'll stick to Bombing Run... a real game.

Instagib >>>>> regular crap

at least in instagib you are rewarded for your accuracy.

:takes chill pill:
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Senior Member
Jul 19, 2001
Maxvla, I know the match you are referring to and all I can say is if I had noticed that the teams were so uneven I might have switched. I generally try to keep up with the teams but if things get hot I don't always have time to check. I always take wins or losses with a grain of salt if the teams were uneven or even if the skill between the teams was obviously way off. For me its the few matches where skills are close and you really have to fight for a win that count. All other matches are for fun of course and are practice matches in my mind. Its not like this was a ladder match or something. :)

Sorry, things ended badly for your team in that instance. I do know how you feel.