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Argh! Stupid VNC! Help!

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Mar 6, 2002
Derby UK
Yes, this is OS related... Every now and then... when using VNC, it regularly crashes, even after multiple reboots/reinstalls... yet, sometimes, this error appears...

A Runtime Error Occured in

VNC (basically)

and the window has a title of C++ something something...

Help! I really need this as I maintain my network with it!
This happens A LOT when I use internet explorer... those last two numbers are just the co-ordinates of the cursor on the 'screen'... different everytime mind....


Heres another one:

Have you tried reinstalling the java client for XP ?

You say that you have reinstalled vnc how about the client ?

Do other programs that use java work ok ?
Other Java works ok... In fact, I am surprised I didnt pick this up before, but VNC is fine for my third comp...

So I had a closer look at my server...

*fingers crossed* I am waggling that mouse around like theres no tomorrow in VNC to my server now... Killed some spyware, lets hope it holds out.
Try installing another flavour of VNC. I prefer RTVNC (Raw Tools), but there is also TinyVNC, and alot of others. They are all linked to off of the VNC site. It may be a bug in VNC that doesn't like XP (although I havn't heard anything about that).