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arghhh!!! comp freezes randomly for a couple seconds?????

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Klamath Falls Oregon, USA
hey all, I have the kt7r mobo, tbird 700, Gf2 gts, sblive, and some other stuff.
Every now and then, my computer just randomly freezes for about a second then works fine after that. It does it no matter what I am doing at the moment. It does it even if I'm overclocked or not.
If anybody has any clue what is causing this, I'm open to any and all suggestions.
Need a little more info on your system video ,sound ,network, modem. mem. If you have a pci card in slot 5 and a video in agp you are having a conflict. The 5th pci is shared with the agp slot.
I have MS optical mice that when the cord gets hammered on and starts shorting out ,it does that exact same thing ,,I know it sounds crazy , but its done it with 3 of them and was always the same problem , I just shortened the cord at the short and all is well
i have a NIC in pci #2, and the sblive in pci #4. I have 384megs of pc133 ram (256 & 128) The Gf2 gts is in the agp slot of course. 2x IBM 15gigs, raid 0, quantum (I think)6.4G hd, plextor 12x10x32, aopen 16x dvd.

hope this helps
i have a NIC in pci #2, and the sblive in pci #4. I have 384megs of pc133 ram (256 & 128 ) The Gf2 gts is in the agp slot of course. 2x IBM 15gigs, raid 0, quantum (I think)6.4G hd, plextor 12x10x32, aopen 16x dvd.

hope this helps
dude, try upping the i/o volage... but first, make sure you have enough power... read my posts in problems with a kt7a-raid.... you'll find lots of help there from me and azzkicker.... many times, its a PCI conflict, try removing the SB live... then disable the dos driver, and make sure that you have an irq set for the usb and video, then re-insert the sblive. If you still get lockups, try switching off the com port(s) and lpt1. It may be a conflict between the nic and sblive... irq ****, windows has a hard time forcing changes through. Try setting force escd (i think) in PnP settings to "on". Hope this helps

Classic mouse problem. Definitely a possibility. Check for duplicate mouse drivers. Try dropping your hardware acceleration back one notch. This will only affect the mouse.
I have come accross this problem a few times myself. Whatever port your mouse is in, usb or ps2 try switching it to the other that often cures it.
I have the same exact problem on the kt7a-r, but it only happens at higher bus speeds. 1GHZ athlon, 10X100, fine 7.5X133, I get that wierd lock up too. The only thing I noticed is that when it happens, my hdd goes nuts, the led comes on for two or three seconds, then it goes off and all is fine for about 2 min. GRRRRRR.
ok try this

put your sblive in slot 2 and your nic in slot 3

also always disable your SB16 Emulation ..... for it conflics with everything

one more thing 4 is shard with usb and 5 is shared with the RAID controler

so dont use those slots unless you have those things its shared with turned off in the bios
I have never had that particular problem, but what I would do if I did is to take out all the nonessential devices and leave only MB, CPU, one stick of memory, and the vid card, and see if it still freezes. If so, you have narrowed down the source of the problem considerably, and if not, add the devices you removed one by one, until it starts happening again. Then you will most likely find the culprit. It could also be something non-hardware like the OS. If it's Windows it wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

Other things you could do are to monitor your net activity when the locks take place. It might be a virus or a trojan. A virus scan would be a good idea.
I fixed the problem on mine, lower the VIO to 3.3 or 3.2. Any time mine is above that I ran into tis problem. I was over at viahardware.com looking at the kt7a faq's and they recommended this as one of the ways to stop the prob. I haven't had the prob since I lowered it. Give it a shot and see if it helps.

I have precisely the same system, except a different vid card, and I have never had any freezing problems in either Windows 98 or Linux. I use an optical mouse which I have plugged into the PS2 port.

Is this a known problem with the KT7 board or just with a particular hardware configuration?