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Arrr my hard drive is dead?

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Feb 21, 2001
Ok I was o/cing my P4 and everything was fine. I decide I need to redo some drivers and stuff so I return everything back normal setting. Booted into XP and all my settings were gone and when to default, but it was working find. I rebooted then I got the blue screen. So I try to get into safe mode but it didn't let me. So I figure the os got corrupted, so i try to do a fresh install. After I got it to format, I rebooted to get XP to install. During the install I get error like "file is not in XP image". So I reformated the HD and try the install again then it said the drive cannot be formated because of bad partition. So I reformat it again and now it said the disk is bad. What is going on here, is my HD dead or do I have to do something to it? Its a WD 30gig 7200rpm, its only about a year old. Please help!!!

Have you tried to Fdisk it by chance? That may help... Other than that the only thing I can think of is to fdisk the mbr... I cant remember the correct commands... I think at a dos prompt you have to type in something like.. A:fdisk /mbr 0 or 1 - The 0 or 1 is the number of the drive... I THINK that it goes like this... Pri Master = 1 - Pri Slave = 2 - Now Im not positive... but Ive had to do this a few times and I had to try each number till it did it.. You will know that its done something when it pauses and then goes back to the dos prompt. It wont give any finished command or anything... just a pause then dos prompt. Ah yea, I used a Win 98 boot disk to do this btw... I would try each of those and see how it fares... or maybe plug it into a system that is working and do some tests on it in there.....

Hope something outta here helps...!~!

I fixed it I hope. I got XP to load and stuff. I think it got something to do with my bios. It got erase when my system crashed.
Crap I got the blue screen again!!! An now I can load into XP in any mode. I put the HD is my other computer and it works to the point that I can format it and install Win2k on it. So does this mean the HD is fine and it got something to do with my board. Earlier in the day I remove the Northbridge HSF and lapped and apply AS2 to it can put a little fan on it. Could that have done something to it? Someone please help!!!
are you trying to format and install the os when you are overclocked?? if so return to default speed and then try to reformat and reinstall everything...
Perform a quick on your HDD

Since you stated the you have a Western Digital drive, you can download the Data Lifeguard utilities that will, once installed, run a thorough check on your HDD and give you a result code. If that code isn't 000, then you would need to go to the Western Digital site and find out what is wrong with the drive based on the error code.

Go here: http://support.wdc.com/download/index.asp

Just because the drive is only a year old doesn't mean that it is not bad. I had problems with a drive that was 5 months old. I couldn't partition it or even format it. I couldn't even install the OS.

I sent it back and got a replacement, it was bad so it went back for yet another replacement...it has been fine so far.