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Artic Silver 2 removal with nail polish remover.

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May 16, 2001
Just wondering if this is completely safe for the cpu dye as well as the ceramic.

Anyone cleaned off the processor (Amd) with such a product?

Yep, works fine. Acetone really does the job right. Just make sure you're using a lint free cloth to wipe it up...wouldn't want to have nast lint blocking your heat transfer!
Great. hehe.

I'm going to clean up the cpu tomorrow.

thanks for the quick response
Hey flycore...get yourself a can of this stuff. I cleaned artic silver off my bird in seconds without any wiping! Evey little spec came off and it all dried away in secs with no residue.
Nail Polish remover=BAD. DO NOT USE IT. Acetone in and of itself is a solvent that wouldn't harm your cpu die or packaging, however, nail polish remover is not straight acetone. It often contains not only fragrances and dyes, but many varieties contain a form of dissolved GELATIN. Meaning when the Nail Polish remover evaporates, you're left with that crud on your processor dye and/or HSF. The best and safest thing to use is Isopropyl alcohol. The stronger the better. It doesn't have to be 100% but make sure it isn't mixed with anything besides water on the ingredients label.
Honestly.. I don't know why people make this so hard.. and/or refuse to take notice of the easiest method to clean AS off a core.

Just use an eraser (clean) from a pencil. Its very simple. Just scrub the core with the eraser and blow off the resulting eraser stuffs. No chemicals needed. Only issue I've had is accidentally erasing my L1 bridge mod and having to do it again... whoopee.

i used nail polish to remove the artic silver on my friends t-bird

but i have no idea why when i wipe it spreads onto the ceramic and it doesnt come off....i was like scared of shorting the cpu but luckily it didnt
Thanks for everyone's sugestions.

I'm going to see if i can find some Isopropyl alcohol