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Jul 22, 2001
OK I am using some artic silver epoxy to adhere the heatsinks to my ram on my geforce 2. I have heard that if the artic silver touchs the contacts on the ram they could sort out the board by bridging the circuits. SO can I use hot glue to put some hot glue over the metal contacts that line the ram on the video card?? I figure if I just cover those with hot glue then I can't possibly get the artic silver on them. I can't afford another geforce 2 right now.
I'm pretty sure that Arctic Silver is only conductive in a very thin layer. The substance the silver is suspended in is supposed to keep the silver from doing this. If you want to play it safe, hot glue or silicone would be fine to protect your investment. I'd go with some silicone. The hot glue may melt some stuff
SO I am really just being paranoid?? or should I actually take the time to put silicon glue over al the contacts??
I think that if you take your time and are careful you have nothing to worry about. But if you don't feel comfortable and are maybe a little nervous you should do it if it would set your mind at ease. Just don't be shloppy.