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Artic Silver install....

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Jan 8, 2001
I'm running my 700@1050 (1,95v) with an Alpha PEP66 (26CFM fan Sunon) with Artic Silver. My temps are a bit hot at full load (48c). what's the problem? How many Artic Silver should I use? Is there any guide?
How much you using? Some say to apply in thin. I apply it pretty thick and twist slightly on the HSF after I hook it. Take a look at my thread "Artic Silver Confession"
All thermal paste should cover the top of the CPU in a uniform layer, one one thousandth(1/1000) of an inch thick.
Try as I may, I've yet to pull this off. Put it on as thinly as possible, yet don't leave bare spots.

I suggest a Delta 38 cfm 60mm CPU fan. Summer's a comin'.
Also, make sure the HS has a good even seat on the CPU core. Just a hair off can make a big difference in your cooling. Take off your HS and clean it, then with a thin coat on the CPU, reapply the HS, then remove it. if you don't have an even pattern on the heatsink, it isn't sitting level on the CPU
At www.articsilver.com there's a sort of guide but it's difficult to understand the thickness of the grease... anyway, I've re-mounted everything and there are no change; is this grease a bug?
1050MHz at 1.95 volts.

PEP66 with a moderate airflow fan.

What are your internal case temperatures and what kind of temperatures were you expecting? Keep in mind that the temperatures reported by AMD systems are highly dependent on the degree of contact between the in-socket thermistor and the CPU and that different makes, models, and versions of motherboards add up to 15C to the thermistor measurement to try to give a more accurate representation of the actual CPU core temperature. This essentially makes it a waste of time to try to directly compare temperatures between different AMD systems. Your CPU may actually be cooler than someone else’s, but your thermistor may be making better contact with your CPU and your motherboard may have more compensation.

My case goes up to 34c when I play 3D Games because the airflow is not very good and my GeForce makes the rest.