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Artic Silver vs Silicone?

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Feb 18, 2001
Compare the Artic Silver with this silicone thermal compound, how far behind in performance does the silicone compare to Artic Silver?
can be any where from 1 or 2oC up to 10oC theres no way of knowing without trying, If I had the choice I would go for AS but if you already have the silicon stuff I wouldn't buy AS as well
I think that the real question here is this....
each product on the market claims to offer an increase in performance usually 1or2C weather it be fans ,heatsinks ,thermal compound ,case fans or programs that allow your cpu to rest more ...I don't know!

what I do know is this.. there seems to be a lot of companies claiming to give you better performance, when its apparent that they don't... thermaltake case in point they consistently run behind the pack, but when you read there home page it would seem that they are the best thing since sliced bread, there latest greatest hsf has a c/w rating of .64 this fact of course is not made apparent ...to the unsuspecting this won't be realized until its to late after the money is spent and disillusionment sets in...

my advice to all newbies buyer beware wait a little while and look at the reviews ... if you buy on an impulse you might end up with a dead horse

sorry about getting so far off topic just felt the need to *****
So what's your take on this Kat? Is Artic Silver that much better than Silicone if both done properly?
when I switched to ultra silver(none conductive) I noticed a 2C drop in temps that was with a hedgehog delta fan and lapped so I would say yes silver paste is worth the extra $

also lapping is worth the extra 5$ which also gave me 1 or 2 degrees

I guess if you look at high end cooling as a whole every degree counts ;D

from what I here there is a "new and improved" arctic silver