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Aruba 303H AP, Keep or sell on?

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Jan 13, 2005
Been a while since i've been on here things have been... interesting.

The other day i came across a Aruba 303H AP and I'm just curious if i should keep it around and use it or sell it on and make a few bucks off it?
basically is it any good?

Between it and the PSU i'm in it less than $20 (goodwill find) and its working as it should.
right now though i'm not in my own place yet and dont have an ETA on when or where that'll happen.
When it does i want to build a pfSense or similar diy router and slap some sort of surplus switch from ebay on it and i was thinking of getting a ubitiqui wall mushroom for wifi but if this'll do the trick then maybe hang onto it? I dont use wifi much basically phone and tablet, i'll hardwire everything i can

There are worse options for an AP. Also the price is right if you have the power supply and need wifi. I am curious about the range of that device. If you don't need wifi and don't have a definite plan for building your network then it might be worth selling it to put towards your pfsense build or switch.
hmm, if i do sell it on what are some of those worse options so i know to stay away from them?

i already have a j4005 system with a quad intel NIC, i bought them before the world went semiconductor crazy, the mobo was about $45, NIC $15 and i think i bought 8 gigs of ram for $25 and i jammed it into a acer aspire case that was mini ITX with half height expansion and threw in a spare sata3 120 gig ssd. should be fairly power efficient. i just turned it on for the first time yesterday, like i say lifes been interesting, and it worked surprisingly well. CPUz said it was running at 2.67Ghz which is a little odd, must be boost freq but it was running it the whole time, didnt get hot. i had it put some things from those drives on a usb NVMe, about 48gigs took about an hour 20 over usb 3.0 so not the greatest io throughput but it also had no drivers installed. Acronis cloned a 120 gb drive in about 10 from a bootable usb.

i'm not into doing the whole "home lab" thing but i want something better than a store bought router because it seems there are stupid little problems with all of them, even with dd-wrt or tomato.
I figure this thing, an AP, and a decent switch and it should be better/faster, not doing any VM or VPN stuff but i might use it to do some ad blocking at the router level instead of the browser
Worse AP options would be ones that do not have 802.11ac support, but it depends on your usage case. Also it has 3 ports out and poe. That price will be difficult to beat.
alright well i'll just hang onto it then and hope it plays nice with what ever software i load to the little system as a router