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Asrock 770 Extreme 3, Vishera CPU?

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Jan 1, 2017
Web searching shows several people around the world have speculated on whether or not the 1.91 beta BIOS that added AM3+ support will support Vishera CPUs. Looks like nobody pulled that trigger. It does support Bulldozer/Zambezi, up to at least 6 cores. I put an FX 6100 on mine and its performance compared to the Phenom II x2 555 (unlocked to quad) it replaced is somewhat underwhelming.

The board says it supports 6 core, 140W CPUs. So tempting to try a FX-8370, 8 core Vishera at 125W. The two higher ones are 220W. But do I want to spend the $? Would be nice to have someone else's (successful) trial of a Vishera, especially 8 core, to see to know it works.
Don't: you are going to fry the board.

Not enough power phase, no heatsink on the VRM's.

Even for the 6 cores is certainly throttling on it.

Edit: the Phenom II IPC is around 25% to 30% faster than the FX Bulldozer per core. Which mean if gaming is the purpose of the rig, you're better with the 555 unlocked to 4 cores than with the 6100.

Edit II: the Phenom II easy goes to 3.8/3.9GHz with proper cooling (an hyper 212 evo would do). When the mobo you have won't handle any overclock on the 6100.

Edit III: best option would be to throw a Phenom II x6. The board should support it. They are still quite expensive used ($80 to $100), as they perform better than their FX counterparts at the same clock, without the Bulldozer/Piledriver drawback (power house, expensive cooling solution...). Most of them do 4GHz+ with proper cooling.
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What about a 6 core Vishera? The board is rated for 140W CPU, should be plenty of breathing room for a 125W CPU, and I can put heatsinks on.
Better go with a 6 cores Phenom II Thuban.

Your board won't handle any overclock on the Vishera, might not even handle it at stock without throttling.

No matter what the rating is, for a 6 cores you need at least an Asus 990FX r2.0 pro or a sabertooth 990FX, maybe a Gigabyte UD3P.

And the Thuban @4GHZ roughly equals a Vishera @4.4GHz, which is totally unrealistic with your MoBo...

Edit: to answer your question in the OP, it doesn't work, that's why you won't find any success story about it. Trust me, a Phenom II X Thuban@4GHz is much better than a [email protected].
http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/770 Extreme3/#CPU

Support for 140w CPU is BS. There is no supported CPU over 125w except for the C2 version 965 BE, and the only reason that is included is because the microcode is exactly the same as the 125w C3 version.

It does not officially support Bulldozer/Zambezi, only up to Thuban, which is why your 6100 performance was less than desirable. You were lucky that it even posted.

8 core = sizzle.... pop

If it even posts, which I doubt it will. Asrocks high end 990FX board can't even handle an 8 core properly.
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The 1.91 beta BIOS added support for FX CPUs and the FX 6100 is running at full clock speed. It does do better than the x4 Phenom II on multi-threaded jobs like video encoding.

Overall, Windows 10 seems more responsive, but anything that relies heavily on a single thread, not so much.