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Asrock QC5000 ITX/PH and Corsair h5SF watercool

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Aug 29, 2016
Was interested in building a carputer for the purpose of ECU data logging/tuning, GPS, music, etc. I chose the ASROCKQC5000 ITX-PH as it seemed like it was made for the said purpose. The dehumidifier option basically cycles the fans for a few minutes before it powers on. The M2-ATX psu turns the computer on using the ignition neutral as a power/standby switch, that has feature's that allow the computer to power down safely along with minimal battery drain. The Corsair H5SF is a little overkill for this cpu as it was made for bigger dies, though the blower will also be used to vent some of the heat from the CLASS D Pioneer amp that's mounted by the din. The entire PC itself is about the same size as a full 7 inch din (heightxwidthxlength). The Corsair cooler needed custom mounting, so I basically reversed the mounting bracket and mounted it to the blower itself using hardware I got from ACE hardware. The mounting is more than secure and only needed a thin foam shim to help keep the cooler even as it is much larger than the CPU itself. The cooling was more than stable during testing, though I'll probably keep the blower at 20% as the winters can get freezing cold, allowing the CPU to run at normal operating temperatures. Below are some pictures of the PC and a few benchmark numbers.

Asrock QC5000 ITX
Corair H5SF (custom mounted)
Crucial Ballistix 2x4GB DDR31600
Intel AC7260BT
Linksys AC1900 antennax2
Samsung 850 Evo 256gb
M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU

Corsair water pump is attached to CPU fan location, and blower is set to Chassis fan1 location

IMAG0008.jpg IMAG0009.jpg IMAG0010.jpg IMAG0011.jpg IMAG0012.jpg IMAG0013.jpg IMAG0014.jpg IMAG0015.jpg blower.png Ceruli.png pcmark.png pcmark2.png pump.png
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May 22, 2011
Impressive. Is this unit suppose to be a mobile setup?

:welcome: to OCFs btw.