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ASROCK voltage going up with CPU ratio i7 3770K

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New Member
Jan 23, 2017

So I recently switched to an i7 3770k (second hand) from my old i5 [email protected] and have been meddling with overclocking it. I've even purchased a Noctua nh-d15 (and have the picture WARNING :finger cut gore to prove it). The new CPU already seems to run quite high, at 1.19vcore on stock.

With the old CPU I never really bothered much about getting high overclocks so I never noticed, but now I'm noticing that voltage seems to go up when I just change the ratio (I'm OCing in Offset mode). I use a multimeter connected to the motherboard to take voltages as it seems different software gives me different values, HWINFO is the closest but doesn't reflect voltage droop (when CPU under heavy use)

Anyway, back to the main question: has anybody else noticed that CPU voltage (under low load, but enough to have the ratio up at maximum) jumps up with increased ratio?

I was following the guide here that was useful in the past. I started by making all the settings changes recommended for offset mode and left offset to +0.004 and turbo +0.005, I also disabled AUTO on PLL and enterd the value that was there, I also disabled the internal PLL overvoltage.

I just want to stress I'm not talking about Load Line Calibration, I have that set to Level 5, which in turn makes my vcore droop high when putting heavy load, if I turn it to level 3, the droop is stable.

So at 35 ratio with these settings vcore is at 1.19v, at 40 ratio, the vcore jumps to a staggering 1.27v, nearly a 0.08 increase, and again, LLC is on lowest, making vcore drop to about 1.24 under load.

Does anybody else experience this? It is annoying to me because most guides say to maintain the same voltage and see how far you can go on "stock" voltage, which is impossible to me since the "stock" voltage jumps up as I increase CPU Ratio.

Thank you and I hope my babbling is at least a bit legible.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
When other things are set to auto on many motherboards the vcore will rise with the ratio increase.