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Asrock Z170 Pro 4s dont want boost i5-6400

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New Member
Nov 25, 2016
Hello, i bought new components for pc to play game with good fps, but, when i tryed to boost throw the bios my i5-6400 it restart to 4-6sec black screen and than start without boost wich i put!=( cpu-z show me non boost i5, Help me pls. I thinking its something with setting bios or ver. bios but not shure.:(


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Dec 27, 2008
You will not be able to overclock any CPU, not even a "K" CPU, from 2.7 to 4.7 ghz unless you are using extreme cooling measures like Liquid Nitrogen. You are expecting too much.

And when we overclock CPUs we don't ago immediately from the stock speed to a high target speed. We go in small increments. A little at a time. We make a change, stress test to check stability, and monitor for temperatures after each small change. You took one big leap. You need to slow down. You also need to study how overclocking is done safely. There are guides on this forum that will help you.

Also, you are confusing megahertz and gigahertz.
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Nov 25, 2016
That why im asking here about this, i instal modifc. bios. for my board, but its didnt help me, every time when i put my speed and voltage im had the same story every try, one thing when instal new bios(non modfc.) for my board i saw on start screen of bios: 'Press X to boost your CPU', and only after this press im saw boost in programs on computer and saw more speed of my comp. But its boosted only to 3.6mgr, im bought big radiator(perfoma zalman+) not for comon work of cpu=((
Im thinking its may be something with this moterboard, because on another youtube video nothing, nothing very high to boost cpu, and if you boost it so max speed on wich cpu cant work good it will restart with defoult setings=/

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trents, im know this thing, im saw so many video where in 2o press you change in bios mhr of cpu, and im asking not one man which know which speed for i5-6400 better in my system, but they dont know why my bios dont wont to change speed of cpu..

On this video you can see, man just cange 2o parameters, and up the speed of i5-6400, he didnt change dram speed, just change and have results.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hov2HNFJQU)
In my case im change same of this two parameters, aaaaaaannndddd nothing hapend, after restart, my comp start and show me startap screen, on 3t start, for exampl starting... black screen i hear coling aaandd, its stop after 3-10 sec, and only after 3 time its start and show me in bios speed 4.7 but in windows program im saw 2.7, im dont know why, and what is it! that why im hope to your help, take my board and take back it to show by guarantee, or i dont know what can do
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Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
What windows program shows 2.7? Try using cpuz and see what speed it says. As trents mentioned, some areas in windows only show the base speed.