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Astro A40s, gaming audio for PC

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New Member
Oct 5, 2014

I am a complete noob when it comes to this stuff, so please treat me like an idiot when answering.

I've been a console gamer for many years, and I recently got a PS4. To go with it I got the Astro A40 system (headset+mixamp) with virtual surround sound, and this was for me a completely revolutionizing experience due to the crispness of the audio and the precision with which I could pinpoint enemies locations based on footsteps through walls etc (though this is when I was coming from just using the TV speakers or running it through the sound system in my living room, so you might have been less impressed).

But, being fed up with choppy framerates and other nonsense playing BF4 on the PS4, I made the plunge and got myself a gaming PC, which I've been enjoying ever since, but now I'm wondering if I'm getting as much out of the audio as I could? I haven't done a comparison to see if the PC audio is the same as the PS4, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's not as good, thought that could well be my imagination.

My question is, how should I set up the audio on my gaming PC? On the PS4 I set audio output to dolby digital and connected the astro mixamp through an optical cable, and that was it. Do I do the same thing with the mixamp on the PC, or is there a smarter way to do it that will give me better positional audio for gaming? Is there anything I need to configure to properly get the best effect, or do I just plug it in and leave it at that? And should I even be using the mixamp on the PC? I don't have a dedicated soundcard on my PC as of now, it's just the onboard sound-stuff on the motherboard (ASrock fatal1ty z97x killer). Should I get a dedicated soundcard? When I already have the mixamp, is there much improvement?


dBa Member
Mar 1, 2013
Set the surround processing DAC to work as just a DAC, then set the game to output processed stereo. (If it doesn't support HRTF, you might want to use an external program for that.)