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asus 1337v best video?

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Mar 5, 2001
what are the best settings in bios for a asus 133 7v and a radeon 64 meg ddr vivo?

The reason i ask is that i had a gforce ddr and this is not benching that much better and replaced the gforce because i tought it was not doing what it should and it wasent. I am benching horrorably.

via 4.27 drivers and newest radeon drivers.

setting for bios please?
and anything else I'm at a loss
thanks much

do i needd the agp miniport driver thing?
I use 128M agp aperture size.(with 256M ram)
Video Memory Cache Mode set to [USWC](gives higher fill rate)
AGP fast writes disabled (Radeon does not support it)
Spread Spectrum Control Disabled (causes instability)

I am playing with Video ROM bios shadowing right now. Supposedly it was designed for older video cards and could slow down newer cards with large amounts of memory.

If you are having stability problems with an overclocked machine, up the VIO, it solved all my problems. That Radeon is a juice sucker.

I use the 7089's ( have used all of them since day one), it is the best.

That should get you a good start.
Good luck
Try using 256 agp setting - strangely works well for me. It shoudn't, but does a 2% increase in performance on a GeForce
i use 1002a-1 right now until 003, 003a, and 004 release detail. enabled cache ecc, byte merge and play with ur drive strength. the one guy is right about the aperture size when using 256mb. good luck, there's 80marks or so in that bios from default at worst bra.

good luck,

p.s. forgot, i use dx7a, via 4.24v2 (w/4.05 agp) pulled 400 marks more out of my sys from default and dx8 (dx8 and 4.28 via suck royal dude)

tb800@1000 (7.5x133)