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Asus A7A266 Available Heat Sink Fans?

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Apr 30, 2001

I just got my Swiftech MC462 HSF and when I placed it in my A7A266 mobo it wouldn't fit since there are many resistors blocking the area right around the socket a connector. I was just wondering what are some good HSF that WILL fit in the Asus A7A? I hope to get some feedback since I don't really intend to stick with the default AMD fan.

Thanks in advance and hopefully I will be able to return the MC462 unless anyone wants to buy iy :)
I have an MC370A on mine right now with the fan that came on my Vantec...idles at about 29 deg celcius. Like I said in my other thread, I 'd really like a MC462 on my A7A266 instead...well, anything other than this one here. I'll tell you why...it's heavy, really heavy...and the screw/spring mounting system seems foolproof enough on it. But it doesn't keep the HSF tight enough against the CPU. I'm not talking about tight enough to crack the CPU, but it's loose enough where the HSF shifts diagonally down a bit when the case is standing up over a period of time. This is rubbing a bit too much on the die and I feel over time it will cause some damage. So I was thinking about swapping it out for a MC462 because at least that heavy SOB is bolted down on all sides...there's no chance of it shifting around. The MC370 uses the 2 standard clip method and the screw/spring mouting system.

I still am looking for an alternative to the MC462 that can hold an 80 mm fan without an adapter...any ideas? :)