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ASUS A7A266 CPU multipliers ENABLED !!!!!!!!!!!! Its a mod however

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are u considering doing this mod ?
i don't think i will try it as this board cost me 280.00 canadian, can't aford the loss if i screw up
i hoping asus might come up with something to help us a7a266 mobo owners out
yes I am thinking about doing it . I read on amdzone forum, that few people had successfully completed that mode, and they were able to overclock on a7a upto 1.5 gightz. However I have to wait another few weeks till I get enough $$ for Crucial PC2100. Maybe even PC2400 if price for 256mb will come down to $100. Right now I am running 2 x 32 mb of RAM. One stick is PC100 and the other one is PC66. PC66 is actually 5 years old. I think I had it in my 486 HEHE now that is OLD> However for some REASON I am ABLE to RUN PC66 at 133 and even 140 mhz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously !!!! Right now I have cpu multipliers set at 9 , and FSB at 133mhz. Before I ran at 140 MHZ FSB, but did not want to damage my ram so I lowered to 133.

PC66 and PC100 could do 140 MHZ !!!!!!!! PC2100 Samsung CHIP COULD NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE IT OR NOT
How long ago did you buy your a7a266 boards? Cuz I just bought one and got it a couple days ago and it came with a 10 dip switch block not a 4 switch block. I got it from Newegg.com.