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Asus A7A266 Help

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Jul 27, 2001
I've been overheating issues with my A7A266 and I just purchased a new heatsink (Swift-tech MCX370) and am still having the same problems of temperatures around 50C (120-130F). I'm not sure if the mb is at fault. I've been slacking and my mb bios version is only 1006, I tried to update it but revision image 1011 wasn't available on the Asus website. Also, when spreading the artic silver over my processor and scraping it off I noticed that it would scrape it off the outside length of the top and not in the middle. So maybe my processor is warped? I'm not too sure what to do, if anyone could give some insight it would be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end.
I have the same board and I'm getting mid 40 c at no load and get up to 52c after hour of game playing. It was about 10 c higher until I download new version of bios. But I think it was 1006
I have the same board. My temp is at 50C while playing a CD. I will check to see the version of my BIOS. Uh...How do I check to see my BIOS version? :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, the 50C is at normal 750 speeds.

I have a 1.4tbird (they don't get any hotter) and it only runs at around 45 idling

I've found that the case cooling is just as much of an issue as any heatsink issues

I'm only using a Volcano2 heatsink with it's stock fan and it is fine cause i've got 5 80mm Case fans
to check the bios, you have to look really fast when you system is booting up. It is usually the first couple lines. Look for v. 1006 or 1008 or something like that. If you have version 1006 or above, the temp "reading" should be about 10 c lower. I'm running version 1009. 1011 is the latest I think.
hmm. yea. the case cooling is very important. i lowered my cpu temp about 3 degrees while idling and 5 degrees while working by getting the Antec SX1035B SOHO - File Server case with room for 4 fans (obviously i filled it up). also, make sure that the hsf compound is evenly spread on the cpu.

as for cleaning the core, don't scrape it off, follow the directions at arcticsilver.com.

one more thing, make sure you have a good powersupply, one with the hole on the bottom, right above the cpu, preferably with 2 fans in it.

good luck with your temps
I had an Asus A7A 266 a while back. I had water cooling, stock CPU HSF, and then SK6 HSF on my 1.2 gig T-Bird. All of them ran consistantly around the mid to high 50C's. And did the same with my current 1 gig as well. It did'nt matter what bios I ran. The probe was just bad or something. I just ignored the temp reading's and went by how stable the board was. If it was stable I really did'nt care what the reading was.
50C is a normal temperature for Athlon CPU.

Today the whether is 12 C here and right now my CPU is at 58C /138F (running only internet appls).

I have 1 extra fan for pushing out air and one in the front for bringing in air (usual 80x80).
My heatsink is Thermalright SK-6 running on 5000RPM (low noise) fan and I use Arctic Silver 3 thermal paste.

I expected better performance from this sink.

One more thing, if you want to pause the screens when your system boot you can use "Pause - Break" key up right on your keyboard.
You 're lucky. You may have a slower CPU but it's less hotter also :) You must have great system cooling or u live in North Pole j/k :)
Satch said:
You 're lucky. You may have a slower CPU but it's less hotter also :) You must have great system cooling or u live in North Pole j/k :)

I do live in wisconsin. I don't have anything to spectacular for cooling. Just an SK6 with an 80mm fan and adapter. With ASII of course.
If you have version 1006 or above, the temp "reading" should be about 10 c lower

Please what you mean with that?
you mean that the real temp is 10ºc more or 10ºc less?

please someone answer me.
i'm using the A7A266 with a 1.0 t-bird @1.28 with an sk-7 and i've never gotten a temp over 43c.. and i think I have an older revision. 58 does seem high, but ASUS boards are (as we all know) notorious for reporting high temps..
ive got the same motherboard at home... and its worse than all of urs.

TBird 1.33
idle 45-50C
load 55C+

and mine has twice as many fans.
i have 9 case fans in my full tower Chieftec case (looks like antec but bigger and cheaper :D)

7 - 80mm (2 in the psu if that counts)
2 - 92mm (one in the side and one in the top)

using a CoolerMaster HHC-001 with a 92mm fan on it.

a7a266 just sucks imo. doesnt matter i got my a7n8x from work today and my xp2000 too. :D