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Asus A7A266 owners please READ. !!

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Mar 12, 2001
How many of you are using 2 sticks of PC2100 with your A7A ?? I'm about to get 2 x 256 mb PC2100 Crucial and I was wondering if there are any problems with A7A running 2 sticks of DDR .. Before I had KA266 R and I COULD NOT run 2 sticks of PC2100 (128 mb each ). ALthough that was SAMSUNG RAM . So anyone of you had this problem ???
i'm still using pc133 - 256ram x 2...able to run 1570mhz with this stuff....i am considering getting pc2100 in the future, let us know how the new stuff works for ocing,
ive heard that a few people with our mobo's had trouble ocing with pc2100 ram, previous posts in the forum here
good luck if u decide to use the new ram
Got 2 sticks of DDR ram in my A7A266. One PC1600, and 0ne PC2100. Got a memory error bios beep first, but then changed the jumper to 2/3 on the pins right next to the agp slot.

Both run 100%, have to knock mem timings a little as the PC1600 is the weakest link. Once back from holiday I will get another PC2100 stick. Read that crucial will soon be selling cas2 PC2100 ram. They currently sell CAS2.5, but they still run at CAS2. My PC2100 hits 150fsb at CAS 2.