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ASUS A7A266 voltage mod

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New Member
Mar 31, 2002
Ive tried everwhere and i acnt find out how to voltage modify my A7A266 mobo, can anyone help with links or something?
thanx weasel, but the page that link refers to is difficult to understand, mabye theres a better one out there?
i really don't think anything could be any easier than hooking the clip to the chip and connecting the other end to a ground, then adjusting the rheostat.
Only problem weasel is that the mod shown is for an Epox 8kta3+ with a cs5303 single phase regulator whereas the A7A runs an cs5322 two phase regulator, i have downloaded the schematics for the chip but as yet i havent had time to go over them properly. The next problem is getting the schematics for the board so i know where the resistors i need to mod are located.
What or who is the Doctor? Im only new to this forum so i really dont know anyone.
Doctor is a member here, he has a vmod thread on the main amd mobo page(that was the link up top). if you make a post in the thread, he can help you figure it out if it hasn't already been covered, or he'll give you a link to where it's at. he has really kept up with the thread, but not sure how active it's been lately