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Asus A7m266 Post ur results please!!

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May 12, 2001
Arlington, Tx
I'm looking for results for stable systems with this board. I'm about to overclock this Amd 1.2 ghz w/ 266 fsb and i'd hate to fry it (never over clocked before) can you list ur voltage settings, cpu temps idle/under load, clock multiplier, and fsb setting ... How can i over clock just my cpu and ram and not the other devices in my system? for instance I don't want higher voltages going to all my pci devices.

System Specs:
Asus A7m266 v.1004 with bios 1004_02f
1.2 ghz Amd cpu w/ 266fsb
Swiftech 462b cpu cooler w/80mm delta fan
Cpu temp idle 32c / 89f
Cpu under load 35c / 95f
256 mb of pc2100 ddrsdram (samsung)
3dcool's tornado 2000 case w/ 2 - 90mm intake fans, 2 - fans in the back for exhausting the air (not counting the powersupply fan)
Windows 2000 w/ Sp-2 installed
Soundblaster live platinum 5.1 Sound card
Hercules Prophet 2 ultra 64 mb ddr
Kenwood 72x cd rom
Yamaha 2100ez cd-rw 16x10x40
I have the latest 4 in 1 drivers from Via as well as all other updates from all the manufacturers, (Amd,Nvidia,Asus,Via,Etc.) This system is very stable no problems, can you give me any ideas on how far you think my cpu can be over clocked and what type of voltages to run?
Any help will be greatly appreciated