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Asus A7V 1005a BIOS

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Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
Ok, I just loaded the new Asus A7V BIOS, thinking to tryout the new "multiplier adjustments in BIOS" feature. To start things off, I waste about 25 minutes trying to get my board to boot in "jumper free" mode. Supposedly to start in Jumper Free you have to set the Jumper to "Jumper Free", and then set all of the dipswitches to the "OFF" position. Unfortunately, setting the Dipswitches to OFF just results in my computer failing to boot. So, I set the dipswitches and discover that because it is in "jumper free" mode it just ignores what I specify for the FSB speed and reverts to the BIOS setting.

All well and good, since I can change it in the BIOS, right? Well, sort of. Unfortunately there is no listing for CPU multiplier adjustment AT ALL. Why was this listed as a feature when it does not exist? So I still have to set the multiplier via jumpers, but I can fiddle with the FSB in the BIOS. There's another unfortunately here: the board fails to boot half the time when I change the FSB in BIOS.

To sum it all up the 1005a BIOS is this:

* No multiplier adjustment in BIOS, despite reports to the contrary.
* FSB adjustment in BIOS which causes the board not to boot 1/2 the time.
* Difficulty setting board back in "jumper free mode" because the board does not boot when all DSWs are set to OFF.

Maybe it lets you adjust the CPU multiplier if you do not specify one using the DSWs? If so, it's a worthless option since I can't even get my board to boot unless I specify a multiplier and set the FSB speed.

OK, I got the board to boot regularly by setting the VCore jumpers to 1.85v. I think what was happening, was my CPU was set to a speed that required higher voltage to run, but the voltage wasn't being applied until the BIOS settings loaded (which couldn't happen if the CPU could not run).

Still no multiplier adjustment in BIOS though...
I think the feature was dropped, the last Beta revision of that BIOS had the multiplier thing but the damn board wouldnt reboot under any setting but default, then id have to shut it down and it would revert to 7.5...when i used 1005a final i found that the setting is just gone, i have a suspicion they couldnt get it to work and just dropped it from the final revision of the BIOS.
Well, it's no big deal. I never minded using the jumpers/dipswitches anyway, I just figured I would give the BIOS multiplier adjustment a shot. It is nice that there are more FSB speeds available in the BIOS, but I doubt that is anything new to do with 1005a.
That is one nice thing about this newest BIOS though, its very easy to mix jumper free and jumper settings, i use the 8.5 jumper setting and set 105 FSB in the bios so i could tweak the FSB up and down trying to see what i could do <At this point the FSB is worth more performance than the multiplier obviously>
Some info for you Nagorak

Yes, you are totally right in saying the voltage resets itself too low, so you computer doesn't boot, I find the voltage jumpers to get around problems works best.

Multiplier setting: From my understanding, this feature is hidden unless the BIOS detects a rev1.04 mobo. ASUS decided to hide this feature as it was causing to much grief for people with rev1.02 mobo's as it doesn't work on them.