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Asus A7V dipswitch problem?

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New Member
Mar 3, 2001
I have an asus a7v with a duron 700. I unlocked the multiplier by joining all four L1 bridges and the cpu overclocked to 950. The temperature was in the low 40s celcius, and it was rock solid stable. However, one day I turned it on and the computer will only boot at 900, 1000, 800 or 700. Every single multiplier value which involves turning dipswitch #1 to off only results in a multiplier value where dipswitch #1 is on (850 to 800, 950 to 900, etc). It appears to me that the dipswitch #1 us permanently on, thus it doesn't matter which way I flip it, it gives a on signal. Could this be a problem with the cpu or is it definetly a problem with the motherboard. I used a silver pen to join the bridges and I went over it with a magnifying glass and bright lights to ensure no crossovers or incomplete bridges (did this several times).

By the way, if it is a motherboard problem and I send it back for replacement, how long does asus normally take to send a replacement?

Thanks for your time
I had the same problem with my a7v. It ended up being the l1 bridges. Also make sure there is no thermal compound anywhere but the die. I use a conductive pen as well and have had very good luck with it, but sometimes the silver just doesn't bind together well. Make sure it has fully dried/cured as well, this will cause it to prematurely break down.
I have recently upgraded to an a7v133, ahhhh what a difference.

Check out http://pub26.ezboard.com/fjuggernautshardwarefrm1

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