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ASUS A7V FSB Capability?

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Apr 21, 2001
I have read several posts that suggest that the ASUS A7V (kt133 chipset, not the kt133A) cannot reach 133 FSB for use with the AMD 266FSB chips. When I examine the bios settings, it appears that I can crank it all the way up to 166. Am I reading it wrong???
It allows settings that high, but the chipset itself cannot function properly above 108-110 mhz fsb. You can use the setting, but your system won't work...
Big Mike is right. The highest I have ever heard anyone running any KT133 board is about 115 MHz or so. Not that this is a big deal - you can still unlock your multiplier and OC via the multiplier. A FSB OC helps your system's performance more, but also stresses your system a lot more.