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Asus A7V Multiplier Problem

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
I have an Asus A7V and if I set the dip switches to a multiplier setting of more then 10.5 the machine will not even turn on it acts like it is unpluged. I am running a TBird 800 at 1.1 gig (105x10.5) the cpu will go higher but the mobo is holding it back. I tried droping in an unlocked 1.2 gig Bird to test and it is the same thing no multiplier over 10.5 will work, had to run it underclocked :( This has been consistant through several bios updates and I am out of ideas. Any suggestions?
Sounds like u got a bad board.... I think u shouold try to send it back to where u bought it, and let them send u a new one...
But before doing that, check ur L1 bridges again.
This does not surprise me at all. The A7V and the KK266 are legendary for their multiplier finickiness... I concur with above and suggest returning it or RMA'ing it. I'd look in to a Abit or MSI board based on the KT133A chipset. There were a lot of front page articles on this a couple of weeks back, check it out.