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Asus A7V Voltage mod problems...need some ideas

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Feb 18, 2001
I just soldered on a 24 ohm 1/4 watt resistor so I can up the voltage to the Vcore. I can't get the computer to post now. I put the jumpers back to the stock settings before i did the mod. I also messed with the jumpers for the voltage at many different settings and still didn't get a post. I even tried uping the multipliers thinking that maybe the voltage is even higher than i thought and no effect. I do have one idea though. The pic I followed of the correct positioning for the resistor is a tiny bit different than what i have on my board. I couldn't get the pic to upload, but here is a link to the pic.
I have another oval connector to the right of the bottom red arrow. I'm thinking that the board pictured is possibly an older or newer A7V. If anyone has done the voltage mod and has any idea's for me please post them. By the way, after i clipped the resistor everything started up just fine so I know nothing is wrong the the mobo, it just seems that the resistor is in the wrong place. Thanks ahead of time for any replies.
there's a chance you may have screwed up the motherboard, or maybee you even fried it with static electricity. if it wont even post something is seriously wrong.
If I'm right, you have an extra resistor in the place indicated below. In that case the circuit diagram must be different somehow on your board - and yours is clearly newer than the board featured in the Toms Hardware article (mine's the same as his, rev 1.02). This is a bit of a bummer, cause the famous A7V volt mod can't be used on new boards. You'd need to get hold of the new circuit diagram, and get someone qualified who understands it to come up with a redesigned volt mod. Until someone does that I'd leave the board alone, and be very grateful that you didn't fry it. Be happy with what you've got :)