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ASUS A7V = Where is the Multiplicator Menu ??

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New Member
Jan 8, 2001
I m a french newbie overclocker and i've buy a DURON 700 and a motherboard A7V. I try to o/c my DURON with only the FSB (i just can reach 110 mghz) but i can't find the menu of the multiplicator :(
Please help me. Where is it ?
Best Regards.
p.s : I didn't Flash the Bios.
The a7V doesn't allow multiplier changes in the bios - you have to set the multiplier by the blue dipswitches on the board. There should be a list of the settings in the manual that came with your board. In order to be able to change the mutliplier at all, you must also connect the 'L1 bridges' on the cpu with some conductive material - a pencil is often used as the graphite in the lead will conduct electricity. There's a full guide with good pictures at http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/00q3/000711/index.html , which should make it a bit clearer. Once the L1 bridges are connected, you may set the mutliplier on the A7V to whatever you like (though obviously 12x probably won't work!). Go for a gig with that duron!