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Asus "a7v"

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New Member
Oct 21, 2002
Ive had this board with nearly 2 years now, great board. Pondering upgrading, on a low budget.. my current setup is:

Tbird 800
Hercules Prophet II GF2MX
128MB SDR PC133 Kingmax ram

ive heard that my board will support some xp chips.. with a bios upgrade.. is this true? are there any problems regarding this?

if so i will probably just upgrade to that.

thanks in advance
XP work in A7V 1.02 and are recognized by later Bios (>1.09)
but XP are 133 Mhz chip,
A7V (as they are using KT133 chipset) are very limited in FSB overclocking (110 Mhz)
To really get the potential of XP, you have to unlock the multiplier in order to jack it up.?

a much simpler move is to get a Morgan duron 1.3 (13x100 Mhz), just pop it in and select multi 12.5 with dipswitch, the CPU will remap then 12.5 to 13x.

I did it the hard way, as I bought the 1.2 and had to mess with L3/L4/L10 bridges cutting and bridging. I definitely recomment the 1.3