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Asus A7V133 vs Iwill kk266-r

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Dec 22, 2000
Seems it didnt post last time so here goes... again.

I am about to upgrade my computer and have narrowed it down to two motherboards. I plan to put a duron 750 on it for now and upgrade later. I will not overclock yet but plan to in the future. The only thing this system will be used for is gaming :) and the occasional term paper :(

Other hardware:
sblive x-gamer
realtek network card
western digital harddrive
since you r using for gaming the biggest performance increase will be the raid array,other than that it depends on what you want,get the most u can for your money ie,the most pci slots,usb support,does it have a header for extra usb connections.which supports the most memory?go to their sites and check out support options.which is more cost efficient for you?ultimately get all u can for your money,make your choice and never look back.
I've been using my A7V133 for a while now, and I find it to be a very stable, fast motherboard. The overclockability is fairly limited, however. The multipliers only go to 12.5, but that might be changed in another revision. FSB overclocking is very good I've found, and my board is completely stable w/ a higher FSB (Mind you, I run it at 12*100 because Windows seems to like that better). Make sure you have good RAM for it, however. Crucial by Micron is very good. I personally run Infineon, also by Micron. I really like the ATA100 / RAID0 compatability, which makes data transfers between drives VERY fast. I think the only querk you might have is w/ your SB Live X-Gamer. You might need the patch from VIA. This board uses the 686b SouthBridge, and that particular bridge does not like SB cards for some reason, and will corrupt large data transfers between drives. Other than that, its a very stable motherboard. I'm completely happy with it.
Just FYI Joe C. recommended the Iwll KK 266 to me, it's on it's way and way over due, Vender having trouble getting a 1.33 that will ship with it.
I have two Iwill KK266s(non-RAID) and they are stable and very fast. I do not believe that their FSB overclock potential has been surpassed by any other KT133A motherboard..even the onboard sound is acceptable.

From reading a lot of various message boards and forums, this board may be less plagued than most as far as the usual Via issues are concerned.

There isn't a lot of negative things that I can say about the board, and I run them pretty hard.