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Asus A7V133 wont accept the PC133 Ram I bought

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Apr 5, 2001
Hey guys, on ebay I purchased a 256Meg PC133 SDRam module. The module has 16 chips on both sides. its a 32x4 module. its double the size of standard modules. My MOBO wont boot up under PC133. I have to set it at PC100 for it to work. WHy is it. DOes t his board not support the 32x4. if not, is there any drivers for it. If not, I'll sell it to somone.
Are you saying that you have 16 chips on each side? If so The book says Dimms that have more than 18 chips are not supported on this borad
Page 25 under General Dimm notes. if thats the case that you have 32 chips total.Im not sure how it would even read at pc-100.
Also are you sure it is pc-133 that you have?
yea, it has 32 total Chips. I guess I F*cked up. I'll just auction it off again and see what I get for it. I only paid 50 bucks for it on ebay. Yes its PC133. but in the bios when I set the DRAM freq. to 100 it works, but once I put 133, it wont boot.
Da Whip (Apr 12, 2001 06:11 p.m.):
Save yourself some pain and agnst , buy some Crucial PC133 cas2 . It is one of the best and have great customer support.

Thats exactly what I'm gonna do. Thanks. I LOVE CRUCIALS website.